Thursday, October 27, 2011


huggerMugger is delighted to start existing, and even more delighted to present its inaugural release - a double header from Helium and Dr. Time.

Watch out for future sounds here.

Port S by heliumAudio

Salt Souls by Dr. Time

For good measure, here's a creepy mix for the haunting hour, featuring these tracks and a few others we like. Happy Halloween!

Voices of Unknown Origin mix (Samhain 2011) by Dr. Time


1. Helium – Port S
2. Chromatics – The Killing Spree
3. Joe Meek – Night of The Vampire
4. Chad Vangaalen – Cries of the Dead
5. Cloud Castle Lake – A Wolf Howling (The Gorgeous Colours remix)
6. Nico – Le Petit Chevalier
7. Dr. Time – Salt Souls
8. Sun Ra – There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)
9. Julee Cruise – Into the Night
10. Jape – Na Noiticullah
11. Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Clairvoyance
12. Tokyo Kid Brothers - 東京巡礼歌
13. The Sonics – Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Spoken word material from “An Introduction to EVP” by The Ghost Orchid

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